One of the biggest lies that the media allows right wing conservatives to continually get away with is that government cannot create jobs.  Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and every GOP presidential candidate repeats the lie as a mantra, to the point that many Americans (read Tea Partiers) now believe it.  Nothing, of course, could be farther from the truth and no knowledgeable person actually believes it, even many who repeat it.  The falsehood is so obvious that even as Republicans repeat it, they relentlessly work to reduce government jobs in a coordinated effort to keep the unemployment rate as high, and the economy as weak, as possible to make it easier to unseat President Obama in the 2012 elections.  If you doubt this strategy, look at the latest job statistics; job adds in the private sector were more than completely offset by reductions in government jobs.  This assault on everyday working Americans for a political victory is unprecedented, and why the President and Dems remain silent on this strategy is bewildering to me.

The real injustice in the GOP strategy is the now institutionalized slandering of government workers as “lazy, useless unionized government bureaucrats”, ignoring the contributions to the public’s safety and health by the vast majority of those “parasites” including police, firefighters, public health doctors and nurses, waste removal workers, road crews and air traffic controllers.  An entire segment of Americans has been vilified for one purpose: politics.

There are a few in the media who have taken on this issue, most notably, Chris Matthews.  Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, has undertaken a shaming strategy, pointing out specific deficiencies in road infrastructure in US House Representatives’ home districts, daring them to oppose repair programs that protect the health and safety of their own constituents.  He’s doing this, using data from Transportation for America, an organization that advocates much needed improvement in our transportation infrastructure.  As part of their efforts, they have identified every bridge in the US that is considered structurally deficient (a shocking 1 in every 9 bridges).  Yesterday, Matthews singled out Cantor, who regularly repeats the lie that government can’t create jobs.  His district alone has 94 structurally deficient bridges that could easily be repaired by workers hired with government infrastructure spending.  Have a look:

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If you are sick of politics as usual, hostage taking, and extremist policies of those who would wreck the economy for their own gains, and that those politicians should stop sacrificing millions of lives risking public safety for a political win, add your voice to the growing chorus of Americans who are calling out their representatives, demanding that they do their jobs, rather than simply focusing on their own power.  Understand: Those who are willing to freely lie and take hostages for politics understand only one thing: strength in numbers.  If you don’t know who your Congressman and Senators are, go here and here to get their contact info.  Then start calling, emailing, and even visiting their offices to make your voice heard.  We’ve already seen some of the results of Americans voicing their opinion during the August recess.  For the first time since the President took office, GOP leaders are actually talking about common ground; they’re not doing that because they’ve suddenly turned reasonable.  They’re doing that because they got an ear full from ordinary Americans who voiced their displeasure during local townhalls all over the country about their hostage taking during the debt limit debate that kicked off the latest financial crisis, as well as their plans to slash Medicare and Social Security.

We are still a representative government, after all.




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