I arrived in Woodstock this morning and immediately beat feet down into the village take in the scene and understand current conditions.  The great thing is that the village itself, ignoring the dozens of dump trucks rumbling by the Green, is relatively calm.  Water is back on in a good number of houses, but repairs will be extensive.  The devastation in the lower areas, especially close to the river.  The house on Elm that we rented for a year was severely damaged.  Workers were hauling mud out of the basement by the wheel barrow full, but the amazing thing is that the stone patio behind the house is gone, scattered throughout the yard.  The retaining wall next to the river, a massive concrete structure, has been undermined and is threatening to fall into the river.

The water main crossing the river was severely damaged when the concrete spillway it ran through actually collapse during the flood.  Tons of concrete broke up under the torrent of water, destroying the main in the process.  The Woodstock Aqueduct Company somehow got into the river, installed a large gate valve on the broken pipe, and closed it so the system could be repressured.  Here’s a video I shot of the repair:

We’re going to do a tour by air tomorrow. looking at the area between Woodstock and Killington, an area that was especially hard hit.

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