This morning, I attended the daily town meeting at Woodstock, Vermont’s, town hall.  There was a briefing from Eric Wegner, vice president of Woodstock Aqueduct Company, who announced that all of the town, with a couple of exceptions, now had water; Wegner, haggard from this weeks challenges of repairing the major water main breach in the Ottauquechee River, was pretty testy with the townsfolk, especially buesiness owners who must have reliable water in order to operate.  Overall, though, the report was very positive.  Phil Swanson, the town manager, spent most of the rest of the meeting briefing everyone about FEMA grant applications.

It’s clear that the town is really coming around, and, with the exception of badly damaged areas adjacent to the river, are looking normal.  I spoke to the owner of Village Butchers yesterday; he was very upbeat, though he lost his entire inventory due to the power outage.  He’s planning on opening this next Wednesday and said of the storm, “This happened forty years ago.  This just gave us an opportunity to give the shop a good cleaning.”  Vermonter can-do in action.

We’re doing an arial survey of the damaged areas west of Woodstock today.  I’ll report on that this evening.


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