About mid-day today, Gracie and I took an arial tour of the Woodstock area, following the Ottauquechee, White, and Connecticut rivers during our flight.  What struck us was the force of raging water and the damage it can do.  Around Bethel and South Royalton, we saw large landslides that had occured in the bends of the rivers, taking out huge swathes of land and trees.  We also saw many acres of ruined crops around the Bethel area.  Quechee had a remarkable amount of silt in and around the green and Simon Pearce.  We didn’t see any of the National Guard Blackhawk helicopters that had been a strong presence earlier in the week.

Everywhere we flew, though, there was an amazing amount of activity, even apparent from the air, with earth moving equipment, dump trucks, and people everywhere pitching in to clean up their particular area.  The Vermont can-do attitude was apparent, even from 1,000 feet up.

Driving back from West Lebanon, we decided to take backroads through Quechee.  The destruction around the Quechee bridge is remarkable, and the bridge itself has been shored up with a temporary steel beam.  We also discovered the hard way that River Road was still closed between the Taftsville Bridge and the Golden Cow Barn.  The upper roads are open. including Sugarbush Farm road which is also in operation.

Slowly but surely, Woodstock and the surrounding area is returning to some semblance of normalcy.  I’m beginning to think it’s going to be a beautiful season of colors this year.

More tomorrow.


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