In one of the Republicans’ most breathtaking assaults on Americans’ right to vote, Colorado Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler has ordered that Denver and Pueblo counties not mail absentee ballots to Colorado residents in the US military who are deployed overseas.  Their crime that denies them the right to vote this year?  They didn’t vote in 2010.  Despite requirements of the Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act that requires local authorities to send ballots to soldiers deployed in foreign theaters of war 45 days before an election, Gessler has decreed that military personnel (from Democratic leaning Colorado counties, of course) should be denied the right to vote, just in case they might vote for a Democrat.

In responding to Pueblo County Clerk Bo Ortiz’s request for an order to not lawfully mail ballots to soldiers deployed overseas, Gessler ordered in a letter,

“A covered voter who is registered to vote may apply for a ballot. Ballots are not automatically sent to covered voters,” Gessler’s letter said. “Thus, Pueblo County may only send mail ballots to inactive voters who submit a timely request as required by the (Act).”

Translation:  “Military personnel who are in harm’s way must remember (while they are dodging Taliban bullets)  to apply for an absentee ballot to vote in the upcoming election…if he (she) doesn’t, we will actively deny these brave Americans their right to vote, just in case they may vote for a Democrat.”

Gessler, closely connected to the Tea Party and 527 political organizations (all the while decrying 527s) has been a target of watchdog groups for his activities in the raising and distribution of money from these shadowy organizations.  Earlier this year, he was chosen Schmuck of the Week by Denver’s Westword for moonlighting for his old law firm, the Hackstaff Group, that specializes in election law and campaign finance that he now regulates in his new job as Secretary of State.  Apparently, Gessler didn’t check to see how much his new job paid until after he was elected in November, since he complained that it didn’t pay enough only weeks after he took office.

The GOP assault on voters in the US continues, and it looks like Gessler is the tip of the spear for the attacks in Colorado.  If you disagree with his assault on our servicemen and women serving overseas, feel free to let him know.  Here’s his contact info:

Scott Gessler
Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway
Denver, CO 80290

Phone: 303-894-2200

As you would expect, Gessler doesn’t really want to hear from you and refuses to post his email address or personal phone number.  Here are a few addresses for people who work for him you can reach out to:

Executive Assistant, Dana Williams, Extension 6113

Administration email:

Gessler’s campaign office: (303) 736-9431

Gessler’s personal campaign email:



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