This week, Navy Seal Petty Officer Jon Tumlinson, killed in the tragic attack on August 6 that killed 30 of our brave servicemen, was laid to rest at a funeral in Rockford Iowa.  His chocolate labrador retriever, Hawkeye, lay next to his casket the entire service.  The love of a dog is pure and unashamed.  Would we all strive to be that loyal.

Photo by Lisa Pembleton

This single image, taken by Tumlinson’s cousin, Lisa Pembleton, captures the tragedy and loss of war.  A copy of this photo should be sent to every elected leader who continues to vote to keep our loyal and patriotic young people in harm’s way.  Each of them should reflect on this photo and the wrenching effects of their own decision making and rhetoric.  Perhaps if they did that for a few minutes each day, rather than making that next re-election fundraising call, we could save some of these precious lives.


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