Hot Showers!

This evening water pressure came to our house on College Hill in Woodstock.  I was on the phone with Gracie at the time, having myself just landed at LaGuardia in New York, on my way to Vermont.  She couldn’t get off the phone fast enough to take a hot shower after over 4 days of hauling water from the pond down below just to flush our toilets.  Water, glorious water.  You never know how much you need it until you lose it.

A word here though…The Town of Woodstock has been out of water since mid-day Sunday, and many homes are still without.  Just a word of admonition: as you revel in the hot shower, keep in mind that others in the town may not have water yet.  The less we use, the faster the entire system will pressure up to show Woodstock Aqueduct where any other leaks may be bleeding off this precious life blood.

So.  Use sparingly so your neighbor may also partake.  All will be good, soon.


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