Alex Jones, talk radio screamer from Austin, Texas, and yet an another embarrassment from my state, is famous for wild conspiracy theories and crazy talk on his syndicated radio show.  He’s the one who’s been leading the charge to have Piers Morgan of CNN be deported because he advocates control of military style weapons and ammunition.  Morgan had Jones on his show last week to “debate” gun violence.  What ensued was probably one of the most shameful tirades from one who makes a living fomenting anger and hate.  It did not forward the discussion about gun violence in the slightest, and provided a platform to an entertainer who spewed the most outrageous idiocy for a 15 minute segment.  I thought it was bad judgment on Morgan’s and CNN’s part to put this guy on national television; however, by doing so, the real core of the gun lobby was exposed for all to see.  If you can hold your nose long enough, it’s a pretty enlightening view into the world of paranoid conspiracies and trutherism.  Have a look:

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