Noble Discoverer Cited for Safety Violations

Last night, Rachel Maddow reported on the Coast Guard investigation of the Noble Discoverer, one of the drill ships being used by Shell for offshore drilling in the Arctic.  The Discoverer, built in 1966 and refurbished a couple times, last in 2009, was cited for 16 violations of safety and operational standards.  Read the rest of this entry

As I have talked about for several years now, bad cement job does not equal blowout.  I have never believed that responsibility, and ultimate liability, fell on Halliburton.  BP is the operator of record.  It is their responsibility.  The conduct of Transocean certainly contributed, but ultimate responsibility falls to BP.

BP Witness Testimony May Save Halliburton Billions | gCaptain – Maritime & Offshore News.

Happy Presidents’ Day

In celebration of Presidents’ Day we honor John F. Kennedy, Jr., to whom this blog is dedicated.  Here is his inaugural speech, narrated by today’s prominent Americans reflecting the spirit of his commitment to the Remarkable Great Experiment:

Rising US crude oil production knocking a hole in OPEC’s power over us.

Fuel Fix » Fracking threatens OPEC as U.S. output at 20-year high.

Federal Judge Sarah Vance in New Orleans approved its settlement agreement with the Justice Department yesterday.  Not everyone is happy, however.  Ashley Manuel, the daughter of Blair Manuel, one of the 11 workers killed by the blowout on April 20, 2010 said,

“If I had my wish it would be that the three representatives from BP who sat in my grandparents’ living room and lied to my face about the accident would sit in jail and feel the same pain and loss I feel.”

Judge Approves BP Criminal Settlement Over Gulf Spill –

Gun enthusiasts heckle grieving father at hearing on gun violence.  We are better than this.

Father of Newtown victim heckled at hearing – Connecticut Post.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

We’ve all seen and/or heard about all the wild conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting, proliferated by clowns like Alex Jones to make money, dishonoring the memories of the 26 killed that tragic day.  All reasonable people know the conspiracy theories are completely false, but some of us (like me) don’t have the patience to sit and debunk these fantasies point by point.  Luckily, guys like Sean Kemmerer of Politics Without the Crazy Pills does a great job for us.  Click below for a good solid debunking of the crazies. You can follow Sean @Walkofshameband

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories.

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