Happy Presidents’ Day

In celebration of Presidents’ Day we honor John F. Kennedy, Jr., to whom this blog is dedicated.  Here is his inaugural speech, narrated by today’s prominent Americans reflecting the spirit of his commitment to the Remarkable Great Experiment:

President Obama speaks regularly about how the United States government should encourage the development and deployment of clean technology to reduce our dependence on oil, especially the oil imported from countries that hate us. I couldn’t agree more. The problem is, though, that no matter who sits in the White House, there are thousands of nameless unaccountable career bureaucrats who arbitrarily stonewall the development of the very resources that the President himself is promoting. That stonewalling costs probably billions and kills off fledgling clean technology innovators. Read the rest of this entry

The recent boom in domestic oil and gas development, spurred by new  technologies in geologic interpretation, horizontal drilling, completion techniques, and hydraulic fracturing, has exposed a huge gap between our knowledge of getting oil and gas out of the ground and our knowledge of the  long-term damage to the environment these activities could be causing. When Congress exempted hydraulic fracturing activity from The Safe Drinking Water Act in 2005, the exemption, lobbied for strongly by the industry, came before the proliferation of new drilling brought on by new technologies. Read the rest of this entry

On American Superiority by James Gustave Speth

On American Superiority by James Gustave Speth.

From George Padgett in Quill Magazine:  The 10 most important First Amendment cases in US history.  Defending the rights to self expression and free speech of those with whom we vehemently disagree .

Society of Professional Journalists: Quill: When Bad is Good: 10 Improbable Champions of the First Amendment.

The Big Lie – NYTimes.com

The Big Lie – NYTimes.com.

Eric Cantor’s breathtaking hypocrisy on Occupy Wall Street – PostPartisan – The Washington Post.

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