A Fitting 9/11 Tribute

9/11 Memorial Ceremony, Woodstock, Vermont

This morning, I attended a 9/11 memorial ceremony on the Green in Woodstock, Vermont which was organized by the town’s emergency services organizations.  The morning started with a breakfast at the Masonic Temple; at 8:15, everyone gathered walked to the Green for the ceremony.  Veteran NBC News reporter, Bob Hager, recalled his experiences during those days 10 years ago, followed by ringing of all the church bells in the town, 4 of which were cast by Paul Revere’s foundry.  What followed was especially poignant Read the rest of this entry

The Toll of Endless War

This week, Navy Seal Petty Officer Jon Tumlinson, killed in the tragic attack on August 6 that killed 30 of our brave servicemen, was laid to rest at a funeral in Rockford Iowa.  His chocolate labrador retriever, Hawkeye, lay next to his casket the entire service.  Read the rest of this entry