Federal judge Barbier ordered Anadarko, a non-operated partner in the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico when in blew out in 2010, to pay a fine of $159 million for its role.

And This is What Privatization of Jails Gets Us

Even in these days of austerity, savage budget cuts, voter suppression efforts, radical gerrymandering, and favors from elected officials to their cronies, some stories still can shock our sensibilities.  This is one. 

The Other Hazard of Hydraulic Fracturing: Silica in the Air

In my early career in the oilfield, when I was working on cement and frac crews, I breathed plenty of dust from cement, frac sand, and powdered guar used to make frac gel.  Throw in a little xylene and hydrochloric acid, and I think my lungs have experienced plenty of challenges. 

Exxon’s Pegasus Tar Sands Pipeline Ruptures in Central Arkansas | Occupy America

Exxon Mobil’s Pegasus oil pipeline ruptures in Mayflower, Arkansas.  Estimates are now about 4,500 barrels.  A 40 home subdivision has been evacuated. Exxon’s Pegasus Tar Sands Pipeline Ruptures in Central Arkansas | Occupy America.

Major Failure: A Graphic Example of the Risks of Modern Well Completion Technologies

Last week, on March 18th, LeNorman Operating, based in Oklahoma City, was engaging in multiple well operations on their lease in Hemphill County, Texas.  Halliburton was on location, frac’ing their Ruth 87-2H well, a Granite Wash completion; simultaneously,

Demand Action – Polls

Mayors Against Illegal Guns releases poll results on background checks in the states with Senators who are highest rated by the NRA.  Results are clear. Demand Action – Polls.

Fuel Fix » Statoil may abandon US Arctic drilling leases

Statoil may halt plans to drill in the Chukchi Sea off of northwest Alaska citing the risks and costs.  In an interview at CERAWeek yesterday, EVP Tim Dodson said, “Ultimately, you need more of a collaborative effort,” Dodson said in an interview. “I think we all agree that generically, this is not really the place…

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Rig owner cites BP’s low flow estimates – Houston Chronicle

Transocean files motion claiming that BP lied about flow rate, and the well could have been killed 2 months earlier. Rig owner cites BP’s low flow estimates – Houston Chronicle.

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