Federal judge Barbier ordered Anadarko, a non-operated partner in the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico when in blew out in 2010, to pay a fine of $159 million for its role.

Is Safety Post-Gulf Blowout Better Than Before? Not Really.

Loren Steffy wrote a great piece today about the 300 plus citations for safety and environmental violations issued to Black Elk Energy and the lack of consequences for those violations.  As I’ve written about many times before, the safety culture in the oil and gas industry is something that is really difficult to change, especially…

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BP Banned; the Difficult Road Back

This morning, the EPA announced that BP has been banned from acquiring any new US government contracts due to its “lack of business integrity”.  The agency said the ban will continue until BP proves that it can meet government established business standards.  The ban does not effect current contracts. 

Black Elk Energy Has History of Violations in the Gulf

Good article by FuelFix about Black Elk Energy’s history of dozens of warnings and citations from regulators for its Gulf of Mexico operations.

Oil Price Differentials Caused by Pipeline Bottlenecks

This morning, the Houston Chronicle reported on the $21 per barrel price differential between West Texas and Cushing, Oklahoma a major pipeline hub and pricing point for crude oil.  With the advent of horizontal and hydraulic fracturing technology, the US is producing almost 50% of its daily needs.  This reduces the need to import oil…

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“Circle of Trust” at BP did not Include the Government

We may know later today what criminal penalties the US government will impose on BP for its tragic blowout and subsequent oil spill that polluted the Gulf Of Mexico in 2010. FuelFix, the energy blog for the Houston Chronicle, and Reuters are reporting that settlement has been reached, and the fine could be the largest…

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Staten Island Was Tragic Epicenter of New York City’s Storm Casualties – NYTimes.com

This is why mandatory evacuation means mandatory evacuation.  Houses can be rebuilt.  Lost lives can’t. Staten Island Was Tragic Epicenter of New York City’s Storm Casualties – NYTimes.com.

Persistent Oil Sheen at Macondo Well Site

There has been a persistent oil sheen near the site of BP’s Macondo well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico ever since the well was shut in and eventually plugged in late 2010.  Alarmists use that oil sheen as some kind of evidence that the well is flowing, alleging a massive conspiracy to cover up…

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