Even though I’m currently stranded in Denver, I’ve been on Facetime with my wife, Gracie, who’s at our home in Woodstock, Vermont, riding out what’s left of Hurricane Irene as it continues its journey north through New England. While everyone down south is celebrating the lack of damage, New England is dealing with rainfall that it’s simply not equipped to handle.  Gracie has been sending me videos and pictures from our windows and nearby our house.

We have been watching flooding in houses built in the early 1800’s, which is tragic, but the scary thing has been the flooding of the local propane company facility, which has turned loose dozens of huge propane tanks, all floating down the river, releasing propane into the air as they float.  Read the rest of this entry

Are We The People Ready for Hurricane Irene?

At this hour, rain bands are coming ashore at Nags Head, North Carolina.  The main body of the storm is expected ashore between 2 and 6 am eastern time.  This massive storm is then forecast to run north up the East Coast of the US, crossing Washington, DC, Delaware, New York and Philadelphia, then up into New England and back into the Atlantic over the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  I’ve kept the television on all day with one eye on the the stock market and the other on hurricane coverage.  The weather coverage, at least on NBC, has been very good (compared to past storms) without most of the silly hyperbole and running around trying to find some wind to stand in for a breathless on-scene report.

My big concern, though, is, are we prepared for a storm that could disrupt the lives of some 65 million Americans?  Can we respond as a society to this kind of threat? Read the rest of this entry

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