The media is reporting that Shell announced this morning that they are abandoning drilling in the Arctic until this year.  I’m not reading their statement that way.  Shell is not abandoning its drilling program; their approved “tophole” operations are continuing as cleared by the Department of Interior.  Read the rest of this entry

Fuel Fix » Chemical Safety Board: Offshore industry falls short on key safety monitoring.

Macondo Well Flowing Again? Not Likely

Over the last several weeks, many have become concerned, based on reports of oil on the surface of the water near BP’s now P&A’d (plugged and abandoned) Macondo Well, concern has been growing that the well is now leaking oil.  I have been skeptical of such an occurrence, since properly plugged wells don’t do that, but reports have become so frantic that BP actually responded in a press release that this is simply not the case.  The press release asserted that a subsea inspection with ROVs was conducted, Read the rest of this entry

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